Funny Pictures

Over the past couple of years we’ve made some funny pictures to go along with our articles.
Some of the older articles have been lost but here are some of the best pictures that survived.









  1. i love these photos!! they’re hilarious! just out of curiousity…how’d you add the photos section & about me sections to ur blog? im having trouble adding that…

    • Glad u enjoyed the pics, they’re always fun to make. About the “Funny pictures” and other sections, it’s fairly easy to do in WordPress. Just click on “Pages” on the left menu bar (where Posts, Media, Links etc are) and then “Add new”. It’s acts exactly like adding a new post except the title/subject line will be the name of the section (ie “Funny pictures” or “About Me”) That’s it! Depending on the template of your blog determines where these sections are placed but looking at your blog, I would assume they will go right beside the “Home” link. Hope this helped 🙂
      Go Leafs Go!

  2. ah!! ok. i’ll give that a shot. thanks!!
    GO LEAFS GO & don’t stop beLEAFing.

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